Evolution should not be equated with progress :-

Evolution has not resulted in progress. Evolution has resulted in the
formation of several complex species from simpler species due to variations, genetic drift and natural selection. This does not mean that one species gets eliminated when new species are formed or that the new species are better than the older species. Species get eliminated only if they are not able to adapt to the changes in the environment. Several species which could adapt to the changes in the environment still continue to survive for example bacteria.

Human beings have not evolved from chimpanzees. They had a common ancestor from which they evolved separately. Human beings are not the pinnacle of evolution but they are only one species among the several evolving species.

Human evolution :- (Homo sapiens)

There is a great diversity among human beings in their form and features around the world. Human beings evolved in Africa. Some of them stayed there and others migrated to different parts of the worldThen due to genetic variations and the environmental changes in different geographical regions they developed changes in their forms and features.

Sex determination in human beings

Sex determination in human beings

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