How to install WordPress on AWS

Step 1 Got o Aws Log in page

Step 2 Select the EC2

Step 3 Click The Launch Instance Button

Step 4 Select the AWS Market place

Step 5 Search WordPress

Step 6 Select the Bitnami WordPress

Step 7 Click the continue

Step 8 Select Ram According to requirmwnts if free user go tofree trial option

Do not chnage anything here go to ad storage

Add storage according to your site most free 30 gb

Review instance and click launch

Crest new key pare for instance if alredy select existion one

Download your key filr for connect instance to putt and file zila

then launch instance

wait for 2 to 3 minute

Go to instance check status of ninstance

Open ip adree and check website

For username and pass word go to instance get system log

Congratulation we are sucessfull install WordPress on AWS

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