What Is Apache Server?

The Apache project was started simply as a place to collect patches for the NCSA HTTPd.

The original“Apache Group” consisted of 8 guys who wanted to feature functionality to and fix problems with, the prevailing HTTPd code.

  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Roy T. Fielding
  • Rob Hartill
  • David Robinson
  • Cliff Skolnick
  • Randy Terbush
  • Robert S. Thau
  • Andrew Wilson2

The name “Apache” was, apparently, picked by Ben Laurie out of respect for the Apache people.

1The another form of this story is that Apache is simply another way of saying that it was “A Patchy” server. See alsohttp://httpd.apache.org/ABOUT\_APACHE.html and http://www.geocrawler.com/mail/thread.php3?subject=name&list=417

Randy Ter bush wrote the Apache Software License, based on the BSD Software License, ensuring that the software will be free and open.

C2.net donates server space for Apache.org

April 1995 – Apache 0.6.2 releasedDecember 1995 – Apache 1.0, a complete rewrite, released.Main advance here is the modularization of code.Project code-named ”Shambala”Robert Thau main developer of this codeSame basic codebase in use today in 1.3.x

1997 – Open/Free software goes mainstream1997 – The Cathedral and The BazaarApache deal with IBM – Apache forms code base for WebSphereApache Software

Foundation formedRevision of License to be more palatable to IBM – Advertising clause removed1997 – Apache 1.3 released, with Windows support

May 2000 – Apache con Orlando – Apache 2.0 alpha releasedOctober 2000 – Apache Con Europe – Douglas Adams speaks, one of his final speaking ops before he suddenly died.

April 2001 – Apache Con Santa Clara – Apache 2.0 initial beta releaseApril 2002 – Apache 2.0.35 releases as GA (General Availability). 2.0.36 follows shortly after with some important fixes.

May 2002 – Apache 1.3 enters maintenance mode (No new features, just bug fixes, and documentation updates).


The Apache Software Foundation

The ASF was formed for a number of reasons.

The catalyst was the IBM deal, and their desire to deal with an actual legal entity. However,

the impact of creating the ASF was rather larger than that. The goals of the ASF are:

1I recommend reading Chasing Shadows by Shelley Ann Bowen Hatfield (no relation) about the Apache people.http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/0826318533

provide a foundation for open, collaborative software development projects by supplying hardware, communication, and business infrastructure create an independent legal entity to which companies and individuals can donate resources and be assured that those resources will be used for the public benefit provide a means for individual volunteers to be sheltered from legal suits directed at the Foundation’s projects. and, protect the ’Apache’ brand, as applied to its software products, from being abused by other organizations

How to install Apache server on Linux

1. Open the terminal  using the CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut or by searching for the word terminal in Ubuntu search pannel

Select the Terminal Icon


Run the cammand

sudo apt-get update


To install Apache, run the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install apache2


Check if Apache is installed correctly by running the Apache service status. Use the following the command

sudo service apache2 status


After Following the steps just type localhost you will get default page of apache that means you have installed apache successfully


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